The Hague Beach

Visiting Scheveningen Beach? Come to Peukie Beachclub!

Looking for the best beach bar in Scheveningen? Look no more, you have to come to Peukie Beachclub. The Hague beach is the best place to relax, have lunch or have dinner with friends and family.

How it started!

The man with the eternal cigar in the corner of his mouth … the man who had the good idea in 1974 to start a “beach shack”. At the time, the entertainment on the boulevard consisted only at the pier and the Kurhaus. You couldn’t get a cup of coffee, an ice cream or a sandwich after taking a swim in the sea. This man, the name giver of our beach club, is the father of the current owner and likes to advise in the background.

Peukie Beachclub is “the place to be” that you can always come back to with a beautiful view. Now 45 years later, Peukie beach club is still in the same place.

Beachclub Scheveningen

Peukie Beachclub is located at the boulevard of Scheveningen, diagonally opposite the Kurhaus, with the beach and sea right in front of the door and the sun on the terrace. Imagine yourself on one of the lounge beds of Peukie Beachclub and let our young and dynamic staff serve you and your company.

In the morning you can have breakfast and lunch with Peukie Beachclub together with family, friends, acquaintances and / or relations. The morning hours are generally quiet hours when you can relax and unwind by the sea and the morning sun. After that it will gradually become busier and will attract several diverse people.

Scheveningen at night!

The Hague nightlife, in the evening we regularly organize various parties where you can enjoy great music and drinks, Peukie Beachclub comes alive at night! Are you not a party animal with your feet on the floor? Then enjoy our wonderful fireplace in one of our relaxing seats. You can take a seat at the bar for our (special) cocktails such as the Gin Tonic, Mojito Classic, Espresso Martini and Moscow Mule. Of Course, we also have a nice standard ice-cold beer or wine.

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